Deal Hunting: looking great without breaking the bank.

First, I’m so sorry for the delay on posting, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick around or not after being “exposed” but I thought for a while, and this is the choice I made. Sharing my life with ya’ll for the past few years has been the best decision I’ve ever made, so what will a few more readers hurt?! Welcome to the jungle, newbies 😘

Now, let’s get to business! I’ve been wanting to share my fabulous shopping tips for a while, so here we go!

I’ve been obsessed with shopping since my freshman year of college, but of course once I became a mother I started baby shopping instead had to tone it down. A lot. I do have an exceptionally large clothing collection, but since I went from a size 2 to a size 8 I pretty much had to start over. Now my wardrobe (and my son’s) is filled with fabulous pieces appropriate for motherhood and I didn’t break the bank!


Coupons who even are you if you aren’t signed up for email coupons?! If you aren’t, do it now!
Reward Systems- Even though I think most rewards programs are bogus I still sign up because getting points makes me feel like I’m winning and I like to win! Most places offer coupons or certain $ amounts off once you reach a certain amount of points.
Apps- There are tonnnnsss of apps that will alert you when the price drops on an item you want, help you compare prices to find the lowest priced item and all kinds of good stuff. I used to use Hukkster and almost died when they closed and haven’t found one I like yet (tweet me your faves!). I just started using the Saving’s Catcher in the Walmart app–totally recommend for those of you that shop there!

SSM’s golden rules of shopping

Before I even go out, I make a list of the things we need. Since I have a set style in mind for both of us, it makes it easy to know where to go to find the best pieces. For both my son and myself, I invest my money in classic pieces and skimp on play clothes (sweats for me). I’ve found some of the best deals on baby clothes at Kohl’s  and JCPenney’s between seasons. This is my favorite time to shop! I’ll buy summer clothes for the next summer in winter and winter in spring clearance. Shop out of season. Trust me.

Another tip is to shop at stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx instead of going to full price retail stores. I don’t usually buy my clothes from there because I think it’s too expensive, but for home goods and name brand baby clothes, you (almost) can’t beat their prices!

My biggest style secret is Gabes . Not sure if they’re still known as Gabriel Brothers or not, but I know they used to be! Almost everything I own comes from Gabes! Sometimes, they get name brands in with minor issues that can be fixed, like broken zippers or stains that will wash out. So many of my key pieces have been found this way! It’s almost like thrifting since we don’t have any good thrift stores around here! Thrift stores are the best place to find vintage items at a great price, though I’m not that into it! It’s a good way to wear high fashion, vintage clothing without going broke (as long as you don’t mind the fact it’s probably been worn)!

One of the best ways to dress well and save money is buying things that can be worn for as long as possible, and this is definitely important when shopping for babies! Buy clothes that fit, but will still leave room to grow. This rule mainly applies to jeans, shoes, and jackets (for me). Many stores are beginning to include the adjustable waist in their bottoms, they save the day when your child needs a size up for length purposes and for maximizing the wear of clothing.

To me, the most important part of saving money but dressing well is discovering your personal style. I’ve had the same style since high school, so many pieces are still in my wardrobe and I just update when necessary. Spend your money on things you know you will wear for a long period of time, and go cheap on the things that are just trendy.

On top of finding places that sell good clothes at a discount, I have a set amount I will pay for certain items especially because as a mom its easy for clothes to be stained and ruined! I use that same thinking on clothes for my son, I’ll get play clothes from brands like Jumping Bean or Garanimals but splurge on dressier that he doesn’t run around outside in.

Shopping is basically hunting for girls, I swear! A hunter would never kill just anything to say they had a kill (at least, I don’t think so), they watch their prey and only go after the best. The mindset for shopping is the same, just don’t kill anyone please.

’til next time ❤ SSM

Happy Thanksgiving!


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