Tech-mama Reviews: PowerBeats Wireless 2


I know, I know. I’m super late on this one, but I swear this is purposeful!

I’ve been searching for the perfect headphones for working out, right? That’s what it’s going to take to get my lazy behind in the gym. Enter the PowerBeats Wireless 2 ($199,, I’ve heard good and bad things about Beats by Dre or Apple or whomever they are “by” these days, but I want to start getting back into working out so I saved (like a responsible adult, I know right!) and bought a white pair, a la Olivia Pope. It’s only right I do a SSM style review!

Most moms know that the worst thing that can happen to any item in the world is a toddler (just ask my Naked 3 palette!!), in fact, every pair of headphones I have bought to replace my Apple EarPods I may or may not have broken have been chewed up and spit out by my 2 year old. These puppies are wireless, in-ear headphones that attach to your device via bluetooth and I am in love. They’re lightweight, wireless (obviously) and are very simple to use! I friggin’ love technology. Now let’s get to it.

One of my main issues with the old Apple headphones was the fit. I have weird ears–they’re as close to Vulcan ears as a human can get, and those hurrrrrt. The EarPods were significantly better, but the Powerbeats? It’s like I had nothing on my ears at all. If they don’t fit perfectly, they come with 4 different sized tips for a custom fit.

Wireless & Tangle Free
Since there’s no long cord attached, they basically flew under totzilla’s radar. This means no ripping headphones from phones/ipad/ears, and no sad mommy with broken headphones! I sat my phone on the table and cleaned, I didn’t have that weird catch in range of motion on the treadmill from my headphone cord’s attachment to my phone. There are no extras, and no hangups stopping you from getting the best workout possible..even with baby right beside you.

In the gym
Don’t get me wrong, I am still 100% on Team Twinkie, but for the sake of research I exercised. My main reason for choosing wireless headphones is because I like to bike and hike. I couldn’t test them out on a bike ride since it’s winter time here in WV, but I did simulate an hour long hike on the treadmill. The good thing is that the hook around the top of the ear doesn’t interfere with my glasses or make my ears sore. These earbuds are made to be water and sweat resistant, so there’s no worry about ruining them by being active.

Sound Quality
I’m no audio expert, but I love the sound of these headphones! My house is filled with tons of yelling and episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so being able to hear my music is a plus alone.

In my experience with bluetooth, it drains your battery in like 10 minutes. I’m not trying to be in the woods and have my phone die! Anyway, I had my phone connected to the PowerBeats 2 for around 1 hour during my workouts, and for around 2 hours at work. Not too shabby. Since they’re Apple products, they come with RemoteTalk and you can even talk on the phone. They remember up to 8 devices, and automatically pair with the last device connected. Connecting your device with the PowerBeats 2 is a breeze!

Battery Life
I charged my headphones for 3o minutes when I first got them out of the box, and I have used them for multiple workouts as well as at work. So far, so good. I’m most happy about the quick charge option–15 minutes gets you an hour of battery life–because I’m always running late or just forgetting to charge things!

I actually did a ton of research and saving before I purchased, and I am not disappointed. I believe they’re well worth the money if you’re into fitness or the outdoors, though the price is one of the most significant cons for me. A normal person could most definitely live without making this type of investment, there are tons of less expensive wireless headphones you can use if you’re not an active person. If you’re one the fence and you can afford to splurge, do it! I’ll be getting a lot of use out of mine, maybe I’ll even drop a couple pounds before summer rolls around 😂 I approve, and totzilla does too!

Let me know if you want to see more reviews! I swear I’ll get better with practice!



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