All About K

My boy, as I so eloquently refer to him here, is K. He’s two! Time is flying, but if I had to think of one word to describe him I honestly couldn’t. 

He’s like a blue sky on a summer day, or a warm breeze after a long winter. He’s handsome and funny and loving, all the things mothers wish their children are. He learns quickly, he loves his Mama, and he’s the sweetest little gentleman.

He likes running, jumping, sliding, eating, rolling, Netflix, and playing with elephants. He’s had a head full of black hair since the day he was born, and a grin that lights up the entire world. He loves going to church and singing, the ABCs, dancing, If You’re Happy and You Know It, riding in the car (sometimes) and boy does he love puppies, especially his dog Steve!

If you’ve never met him, I wish you could. K is by far the best, most important part of me. We’ve been glued at the hip (and you know..that whole umbilical cord thing) since day one. He’s learning and growing so much every day, I sure am one proud mama bear!


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